Being a Stimulating Physics Network partner school

Last summer term, we signed up to become a SPN partner school and today we had our first session with our SPN contact.

In our department, I am the only Physics specialist although struggle with the practical ‘tricks’ to hook students. We needed some good ideas. 

We were shown how to model electricity for KS3 and none of them were ways I’d seen used before, all new to us. 

  • The penguin race game (that I’ve found for sale on Amazon) to teach about potential difference was great. Very hypnotic to watch and made perfect sense. Cheap too, we’ll get one of these!
  • Electric energy balls (also here on Amazon) opens up all sorts of questions about circuits, what’s needed for them to work, showing series and parallel circuits. They work when hold hands and forming a bigger loop so good for including the whole class.
  • A loop of rope to demo current and again showing series and parallel circuits. 

All of these we’d take away and could use straight away.

Then there’s everything else included. SPN wil come and run revision classes, AS taster classes – great for us as no sixth form, working on gender imbalance in education, more CPD sessions for us (we have five more booked), free Summer CPD residential courses, tours of talks, Yr9 exoplanets club, whole day activities and more. Best of all, it’s all FREE.

A resource definitely worth having.

Image from Flickr.